Freeing From Poverty

Sri Lanka
November 18, 2016 7:44am CST
People in the world suffer from various problems. These problems cannot be taken to one hand or cannot be easily classified. But once I got the idea that for MOST of the problems the reason is almost similar; that is poverty. Freeing from poverty is a hackneyed topic which has been discussed from a long long long period of time. But still any government(I suppose) has not been able to eradicate it completely. Why is it? What should a government take to eradicate this menace?
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@Julie555 (2555)
18 Nov 16
First of all government should change itself,by eliminating bureacracy and bribes.But is it possible?!
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• Sri Lanka
19 Nov 16
it isvery difficult to eliminate but they should minimize them as much as possible