Tearing down churches and building up walls is not what America is all about.

Dallas, Texas
November 21, 2016 8:55am CST
They want to tear down an old Catholic church in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area in a few days, I think it is set to be taken down Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016, the day before Thanksgiving. The church is not a badly constructed building. In fact most of the structure is seemingly in perfect condition in spite of it's age. The parish members who attend mass there who have gone to church every Sunday for decades, with their family members to worship God together seems to have no flaws except that well, somebody else thinks, That there church don't have enough people going to it and is seems like if we tore it down and made a parking lot out of it, or maybe put up a business of some type, more money would roll in and we would make a profit. That is the wrong kind of thinking and I feel like I needed to express my anger and disgust about the idea of tearing down a fine old church just because they want something to bring in more money when the people who have been going there so many years would be without a church to go to and as far as this is concerned, there is enough land to build on and just keep that church and let those church goers continue to worship there. The name of the church is San Mateo Catholic Church. It is a very well designed and attractive church and I think it would be a or rather, will be a major loss to the community. I know of one other group of individuals, who like to tear down churches and that is Isil, or isis, that terrorist group. They like to destroy Christian sanctuaries, old and sacred monuments and so on. We should set a better world wide example to other countries by respecting our Christian institutions and instead of tearing down a church or building up a wall, why not just build more churches and build more bridges and do what is right for the people. I am sure all of those who go to this church would agree that it would be a bad thing to tear it down and a very very good thing to keep it standing and let the people who want the extra dollars pick some open desert land that is totally useless and build a wall or maybe an art museum with a Starbucks inside. I like this idea. take a look at this article from the Fort Worth Star Telegram online:
Despite obtaining the permit, a diocese spokesman said there are no current plans to raze the church. The final Mass is at San Mateo is on Sunday.
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@MALUSE (41319)
• Germany
21 Nov 16
In Germany, churches with a dwindling or disappearing community are rarely torn down. They're mostly turned into something else. But nothing profane like a coffee shop. They've become museums, fine restaurants, apartments or sold to people of other religious beliefs.
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• Dallas, Texas
21 Nov 16
This is a trait that my America should have. But it doesn't.
@louievill (18964)
• Philippines
21 Nov 16
Agree with you, and they would not only tear down a building but they will be razing memories of people who were baptized, married and had their last rites there. Isis destroyed the tomb of the prophet Jonah in Mosul