November 21, 2016 10:29pm CST
Poem about life Life may not always be what it seems Maybe a fade memory of our childhood dreams Pretty rainbows and sunny skies Scatter o'er this world of deceiving lies Wear your face with a pretty smile Cover up the pain if only for awhile Where do you find what's really true Sometimes its only found deep inside you People surround you like dead men walking No one cares, nobody is talking Take the good and leave the bad Before what we have becomes what we had. Can anyone relate? I have lived most of my life learning how to listen to my inner voice and pressing on no matter what comes at you.
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@Happy2BeMe (78716)
• Canada
22 Nov 16
Great poem. It is very easy to relate to.
@Julie555 (2555)
22 Nov 16
Nice poem, but quite pessimistic
22 Nov 16
You wrote this? Well its avery nice poem and has a great wordings
@Jackalyn (7414)
• Oxford, England
22 Nov 16
Great poem. Mylot seems full of good poets this morning.
• Agra, India
22 Nov 16
Excellent work