Do you have a favourite mug/cup?!

Epsom, England
November 23, 2016 12:14pm CST
Just for fun! I do! I have several best mugs, but, my absolute favourite is the one pictured! I am a dog lover, but I absolutely love cats! I love animals in general, but, when I saw this mug in the shop I had to buy it! What is your favourite mug and why?
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@skysnap (18039)
23 Nov 16
I see a lot of good ones on zazzle. so no favorite one as of yet.
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• Epsom, England
23 Nov 16
That's the thing, so much choice!
@Hannihar (42069)
7 Dec
I have a cup that I use for our Sabbath that I love. I designed it on the computer and took it to get the design put on the cup. I also have one that was made that I have with milk products.
@cttolledo (5054)
• Philippines
15 Oct 17
I'm using mug with disneyland character and I think thats my favorite because its cute and big.
• Japan
15 Oct 17
Honest reply: I have a Christmas mug that I use all year! It has a very detailed picture of Father Christmas entering a room through the fireplace. The room is full of sleeping cats and dogs.
• Changsha, China
8 Feb 17
Hello,I'm your new mylotter. I did't have the mugs, but my sister have one, I like it , I want to do one , put the picture of my family and I on it.
@SophieY (848)
• South Africa
29 Nov 16
I do but mine is just a silly funny one - not as pretty as this one
@PatZAnthony (13057)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
24 Nov 16
It seems most have at least one such mug. For us, we each have one that was purchased for a special event.
@birjudanak (7293)
• India
24 Nov 16
i have also favorite mug and on that mug my normally mug is black but when put hot thing inside it then color change and my photo come so its look so nice and i like to drink anything in it.
@Marty1 (36177)
• Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
24 Nov 16
@lotty71 It depends on the season. I have mugs because I knock over glasses so I drink water and iced tea in mugs, and I have a favorite for every season! I have to go to the basement and look for my Christmas mugs today!
@Inlemay (16982)
• South Africa
24 Nov 16
Love the mug and I see there are some Celtic knots on the edges as well - I am going to look for myself a unique mug - TO me for Christmas FROM Me!
@rina110383 (24070)
24 Nov 16
Mine is a blue one. I love it because of words written on it. "Always positive thinking" A good starter for the day.
• Bournemouth, England
23 Nov 16
My favourite mug is usually any one left which doesn't need washing up yet! (I don't do it often enough). Seriously, I have a couple of big, garden-themed mugs which my partner got me. Both take an above-average amount of tea.