How Peter Parker can improve his image as a pushover for Flash Thompson

@Deepizzaguy (14575)
Lake Charles, Louisiana
November 27, 2016 6:06pm CST
I have been a fan of the Amazing Spider Man since I saw him on the cartoons during the 1970s on television when television stations did carry cartoons on weekday afternoons. The one constant of the Amazing Spider Man cartoons and movies is that Peter Parker who is the secret identity of the masked hero is a pushover for Eugene "Flash" Thompson who is a football player at Empire State University. Okay so if Peter Parker ever hit Flash in his face in an act of anger, Flash could be seriously injured or even buy the pizza farm. Peter would be big trouble and I am sure the authorities would find out he is the Amazing Spider Man. One solution for the Peter Parker image problem of being labeled a "bookworm" by Flash is for Peter to have as his mentor Ronnie Moreno who is an original character created by me. Ronnie's role at Empire State University would be to serve as the baseball coach of the team, he would tell Peter that he should embrace his image as a "bookworm" as the Oakland Raiders football team embraces their swash buckling image. Ronnie would tell Peter if Flash pushes him around, let him know and the Coach would give Flash some "sweet chin music" which means a pulled punch near his noggin to scare him off of bullying Peter. But of course the powers that be at Marvel would never buy that story since "Winning By Intimidation" does not fit Peter Parker's image.
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