I do not know how to react

@ajithlal (14569)
November 28, 2016 10:13pm CST
I am very angry at a relative who have told lots of lies for her own selfish reasons. I do get angry because the person is selfish and thinks about herself. How should I deal with such a person? Should I avoid the person or should I tell the person you are telling lies for selfish reason and it do hurts and should avoid doing it?
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@LadyDuck (195312)
• Switzerland
29 Nov 16
I think that the best is to avoid her. Do not lose your time explaining her what she should do. Selfish people never listen.
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@averygirl72 (16643)
• Philippines
9 Dec 16
Yeah I believe also that's the right thing to do.
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@shaynas (5524)
• India
29 Nov 16
Avoid her if possible, and if no other way tell her on her face, what she did. Hope she will realise her mistake and won't hurt anyone else.
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@youless (95250)
• Guangzhou, China
29 Nov 16
I think it is no need to reveal her lies since it will be embarrassing. I think it is fine to avoid her. As time goes by, your relationship will become far away and she will not bother you any more.
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• Agra, India
29 Nov 16
Lie in any relationship is something I cannot tolerate.. I would surely avoid the person
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@toniganzon (54004)
• Philippines
29 Nov 16
If you say that person is selfish, no matter how much you tell her, she'll keep doing things that would benefit her. And your words, will just be taken negatively. So don't bother telling that person she's doing the right thing. One thing is for sure, the truth always prevails. So just keep on being truthful. Let her do her thing, but you have to continue doing the right thing as well. People like that usually don't have friends or family to speak of.
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@sugartoes (44505)
• Greencastle, Indiana
30 Nov 16
well being the kind of person I AM I'd come out & tell her in front of EVERYONE she's lying about what she says & embarrass her in front of everyone cause by DOING that it will get her attention to be careful what she says. it's like when you were young & got in trouble in front of someone didn't that embarrass you? & didn't you learn not to do that any more?