Do bad parents exist??

@Prshnth (920)
Bangalore, India
December 1, 2016 9:07am CST
When I was a kid in my school teachers taught me that parents are gods and you should never question what they tell you. As I grow older I thought they were the most irritating things that exist on the planet although I had loved and respected my father at the back of my head.I don't have a mother she died when I was 10 years old.. My question is why some parents act like they are the judges..why they control their kids life ?? Well I do agree that they are the ones who are responsible for their kids existance on earth..but kids didn't requested parents to bring them to this world...when u bring them to this world they should realize that their kids have all the right to live their life however they Want....and don't control kids lives...iam I wrong??
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@Hari101 (1132)
• Chennai, India
1 Dec 16
See, parents have the right to guide you when you are in a problem but not to control you because in this life we have got we have to live the life the way we wanted. They don't control but they are just afraid what if my child ends up in a wrong place or suffers. So, just talk to them and make them understand.
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@Kandae11 (40339)
1 Dec 16
Of course they do exist.