Time to head to bed...

My dog Angel on my Mom's bed, 11-30-16
@xstitcher (12162)
Petaluma, California
December 1, 2016 11:29pm CST
I came to my room early tonight, and tried to post about it but got a lovely error message. So now it's actually time for me to head to bed. I have a bit of a headache, and took some ibuprofen for it that hasn't kicked in. As usual, I need to get a treat to get my dog off of my bed. Tomorrow actually is Friday, so at least I'll have two days at home afterward. So, I'll wish you myLotters good night from here, and I'll "see" you the next time I'm able !
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@rina110383 (24072)
2 Dec 16
I like to hug Angel.
@inter4 (323)
• Nanjing, China
2 Dec 16
Hope you can recover soon and have a good time at weekend