Have any bird grown their baby at your yard?

@RitzzView (2758)
December 5, 2016 8:53am CST
Here's a pigeon in my balcony sitting on top of her 2 little eggs and waiting for them to hatch! I am waiting for her baby as well..sometimes I feed her.. I think she has known me till now..because she doesn't fear me and fly away anymore. Although she do back off a bit..
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@Ayuriny (5176)
• Denpasar, Indonesia
5 Dec 16
There were some nests on the branches of my mangoe trees. I didn't know whether there were any eggs in them or not.
@Ayuriny (5176)
• Denpasar, Indonesia
5 Dec 16
@HAPPSINGH Yeah... my favorite trees.
2 Jan 17
Hey hi.. Please dont mind . pigeons are no doubt a beautiful creature but I bet you'll not like the baby pigeon. Reasons..1 alot of bad smell will be there. 2 Newly hatched one have different color with lots of fur not at all attractive. 3 they have very small reproductive cycle and they reproduce ( generally) at same place. Although i am not a animal or bird lover but for sure i dont hate them. What i have written is my personal experience.First time i was super thrilled and now ....
10 Dec 16
Nope. I do not have trees in my garden where birds can lay eggs.
@mysimplelot (1118)
• Asansol, India
6 Dec 16
No but they are coming at my Balcony. Sit at the plants and flew off. You have to just watch them they are cute.
@just4him (127042)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
5 Dec 16
I haven't seen any. That's nice she's not afraid of you anymore.
@Hasana (303)
• Mumbai, India
5 Dec 16
Not pigeons but crows do lay eggs on tree tops in my backyard
5 Dec 16
Nature is so much fun to watch. I bet it's neat to have a front row seat for it.
@youless (93512)
• Guangzhou, China
5 Dec 16
No... Here in the city the birds only live in the trees or some very high buildings. They will not live with human beings. But in my husband's hometown, the swallows will fly and make their nests under the roof of the house. That's so wonderful. I have never got so close to the birds. You are lucky to have pigeons.