Do you love wine?

Scenery of Shangri-la
Changsha, China
December 6, 2016 7:53am CST
What kind of wine is your favorite?Do you have any story about wine?As well know appropriate wine are benefit for health. I am start love wine with a place.I have no idea about wine since tourist Shangri-la where has charming natural sencerys. The regional customs has been attracted me tasted excellent wine.Touching heaven with nearest distances and feeling the truth nature. There is nothing pollution break environment .Climate and lighting are favourable to growth of gapes. Different kind of wineyard was planted .Producing primal natural and high quility wine.For me ,wine has been about discovery and enjonment. It's reported the areas that last clearest on the world. As soon as you taste it.i am sure you will love it as I do.
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