Everyone Should Pitch in

@Teep11 (7120)
United States
December 6, 2016 2:05pm CST
One person can not help all. Anyone thinking so isn't being realistic. Some may expect a whole lot from other but no on e should even try to help everyone. If everyone chipped in then we'll see great "improvements" within society and with the economics. Homelessness shouldn't be a major problem. Some want and want but are unwilling to give. Even if we have very little we should try to give. There's so many who have plenty to give but for whatever reasons they're not giving. There's a lot of people who are continuously giving and they're the ones who will be truly blessed. Giving from the heart is what we all should be doing. Givers are kind people and the world would be better off if more people gave. Giving doesn't necessarily mean giving money. There's other ways to give. There's a lot of people who are in need and there's a lot who want to give but aren't in the position to do so. "Kindness" is something we all need to come in contact with. Unfortunately we may not always witness kindness. There's a lot of cruelty in the world.
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@PatZAnthony (12863)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
6 Dec 16
You are right-everyone should pitch in. There are so many things we can do to help others that won't anything but our time. Sometimes even a phone call or a quick note sent in the mail will make a person's day.
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• United States
6 Dec 16
My one buddy from the church I used to attend as a kid will be sooooo surprised when she receives her hand written and designed Christmas card then ! She insisted I just Facebook send her something and I said 'how lame' . . . @PatAnthony I would send everyone that is my friend here on myLot hand written cards if I just had their addresses . . .
• United States
6 Dec 16
Good post but it does start with just one person to get the 'kindness act' ball rolling and then it cannot be stopped . . . have a great Christmas Teep !
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@just4him (123857)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
7 Dec 16
Yes, there is a lot of cruelty in the world. I agree with you. We need to be people who give instead of take. Time is one thing we all have the ability to give and it's free.
@ms1864 (6976)
• Bangalore, India
7 Dec 16
yeah....i always feel like i am grasping at whatever acts of kindness i come across as hope for a better future for the world...i do my best to add to it..whenever i can.
@marguicha (100062)
• Chile
6 Dec 16
I wholly agree with you.
@AutumnSnow (4583)
6 Dec 16
Very true, if everyone would do just a little the world would be a much better place.