Demonstration in India

December 8, 2016 8:19am CST
Modi govt. makes a good decision about demonstration, average people of india is only working for his/her future generation, he did not enjoy the life, but now it may be that the people of india support govt. and enjoy their life because govt, will take some decision relate to a common man life style, the govt should take some decision relate to health policy, accommodation, food, life insurance and also build new working environment, new jobs, than people can trust
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8 Dec 16
i fully support demonetization. At least something is happening in india which is actually a revolutionary decision and we should support it. This will not completely stop the corruption and will not bring the complete black money back but it will reduce to some extent. Somehow, differences between rich and poor will be reduced. Many people are facing several problems due to demonetization but they are in the support of it. We should not only complain about the bad things but also should come up with the solution of the problem. Hope, everyone understand this!
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• Pune, India
8 Dec 16