@piyaya30 (131)
London, England
December 13, 2016 4:05pm CST
Beautiful isn't? Last weekend when my sister gave these flowers to me before the ceremony it made me smile. I looked at it and said they're so beautiful. I don't know if you guys could still remember the song "LIKE A ROSE " by A1. For me every woman deserves to receive bouquet of flowers. Hope that their every partner will also appreciate the woman in their lives. Just a simple flower or a bouquet, telling you with this gentle gesture its already a big deal for every woman and it will melt our heart and our faces will be filled with a BIG SMILE
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@Hannihar (44438)
8 Jan
They are beautiful.
@megatron777 (3777)
• Guam
4 May 17
Flowers are the Love's truest language so they say.
• Philippines
15 Dec 16
Lovely roses. I love it.
@shubhu3 (21956)
• New Delhi, India
14 Dec 16
I love roses too.
@Julie555 (2549)
14 Dec 16
Roses are my favorite
@flapiz (7013)
• Australia
14 Dec 16
I want one. No one has ever given me a bouquet of flowers yet. Like a big bunch.
• Philippines
13 Dec 16
It's beautiful rose.
@shey816 (235)
13 Dec 16
Lovely! So sweet of her.
@happyhaha (294)
• Fuzhou, China
13 Dec 16
Beautiful flower and beautiful mood, I thought you will be a beautiful woman because you have beautiful heart.