Yoga Hosers: “Sorry Aboot That” NOT

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December 13, 2016 4:26pm CST
Colleen and Colleen work at Eh-2-Zed, have their own band (Glamthrax) and are permanently attached to their phones and posting to Instagram. When Hunter (the sucky Satanist) and Gordon end up dead in the store the girls are blamed, taken to jail then busted out by Guy LaPointe (Johnny Depp). But why you ask, why? The Bratzi's play a huge part in that. But what are Bratzi's? Nazi bratwurst. It all goes back to Hitler wanting to take over Canada (and eventually the United States) and building an underground secret 'base'. If you want to know the outcome and how powerful yoga is, you'll have to watch it for yourself. While some people trashed the basic plot of Yoga Hosers, if you like Smith's humor, chances are you will love this. There are a lot of big names in this, well, big in the world of Smith. Stan Lee, Adam Brody (Ichabod), Jason Mewes (police detective), Jennifer Schwalback (waitress), Justin Long (yoga yogi), Natasha Lyonna (Tabitha) and of course Johnny Depp as LaPointe. Keep your eyes peeled for the little kid at Eh-2-Zed, that's Jack Depp. Most surprising is Haley Joel Osmet as Adrian Arcand, he's a little on the chunky side. Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith do a great job; while they have had small parts in the past this is the first time that they've had so much face time. Whether they're singing in Glamthrax or working at Eh-2-Zed, they are always together and always with their phones at the ready. Not everyone is going to fall in love with this but I thought it was hysterical. Just the concept of someone making clones from bratwurst and coming up with Bratzi's is just pure genius. Yoga Hosers trailer: Photo: Smodcast
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@teamfreak16 (42474)
• Denver, Colorado
14 Dec 16
Sounds pretty funny. I'd watch it.
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