Bouncing Ball (A Poem)

@zebra2222 (5161)
United States
December 14, 2016 3:10pm CST
My bouncing ball, Shiny and red, Just landed On the head of Uncle Ted. It bounced from there Into Aunt Thelma's soup. Then off it went Into a strange looking loop. The red bouncing ball Struck a large oak tree. It passed a squirrel And a bumble bee. It next went into a tennis court. The ball hit the net and came to a stop. It would have remained there still If it hadn't been launched again by my Pop. The ball knocked over Mrs. Gretchen. It struck Mayor Finley on the nose. And finally, it rested upon the feet Of Cousin Willy's toes. I grabbed the bouncing ball. I pledged it would never go away again. And now it's acting like a block of wood. It just loves to play pretend.
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@Jackalyn (6655)
• Oxford, England
15 Dec 16
There is a lot of bounce in this poem. It should go far.