News anchors ... They have to remain unbiased in reporting the news ... but

Dallas, Texas
December 16, 2016 11:42am CST
But ... what if the news anchors on television could be free to voice their personal bias or views to some of the news reports? Issue 1: The filming of a black man running from a police officer and the police officer firing 8 gunshots into the back of the black man as he runs to get away from the officer. The news reporter has to act like they are unbiased towards either the black man who got shot to death by 8 consecutive bullets into his back and they are unable to show either favoritism towards the officer for doing his job. The thing you never see in any footage videos is, what exactly was voiced or acted on between both the suspect who ran away and the policeman who shot him dead with 8 bullets to his back? The black man may have told the officer, 'Please shoot me, I want to die.' or he might have said, 'Officer, you know you hate blacks so either you shoot me 8 times in the back while I run away from you or I will go hunt down your family and kill them in their sleep.' I mean, get real. Did anything like that happen? or did the police officer just shoot the black man running away from him 10 feet or more make the officer just want to kill him because of something the officer felt was a threat to the human race or his immediate life? Obviously the black man was running away and was unarmed and was not attempting to assault the officer yet while his back was turned and he was clearly running away from the officer, the officer decided for one reason or no reason to just make darn sure he made that black guy dead. 8 bullets should do the job, right? This is madness. The news anchor has to maintain a professional stance on this story. He or She can't just say, I think that cop was crazy or whatever or the black guy was a threat and needed to be put down like a rabid dog, right? Wrong. The fact is, we don't have all of the facts, just the media hyped sensationalist video captured on a dash cam or an onlooker's cell phone camera. Either way, it would be more interesting to have a ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION on certain news events that directly affect us all and give the news anchors a chance to voice their actual opinions or personal views. This would be like diverting the local or national news into a side show and probably would create issues that would be impossible to fix. That's why I think they should ask the viewers of the news to voice their own personal slant on things via Twitter or Facebook so that the voice of the people could be heard and then at the end of the news report, announce the likes, views and pros and cons of the views of those who did the Tweets about the subject of the news at the end of the news report so the viewers who are watching it can basically call in and vote like they do on such as show as American Idol, where you call a toll free number and vote for the black man running from the officer or vote in favor of the officer for just doing his job for the day. I personally think we live in a society of social media censorship. What do you think? And if you do not agree with me, tell me what your feelings are when it comes to the type of news stories that offer opposing views in favor or against a person or persons involved in an altercation like murder or killing and such so as not so much to be politically correct but to be frankly just honest? The News about this story in particular about the black man getting shot dead by a police officer in the line of his duty or his job as to protect us and to serve us civilians in every day life or in this case, death: From The online:
A North Charleston, South Carolina police officer, Michael T. Slager, was arrested on a murder charge Tuesday after video surfaced of the lawman shooting eight times at 50-year-old Walter Scott as he ran away.
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@PatZAnthony (13118)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
17 Dec 16
We reported on this situation while with examiner (which closed) and sorry to say, some did not get it. The man did nothing wrong. He should not have been shot. As a correspondent, I could not say that. Everything had to be written in 3rd person. BUT, the cop was in the wrong and most realize that.
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• Dallas, Texas
18 Dec 16
That is of course the most important point.