Chasing Your Dreams

Delhi, India
December 17, 2016 12:12pm CST
There is something that everyone wants to achieve in life. Everybody wants to be a someone in their life and be respected by the people around them. But we should understand that nothing in life comes easy. We need to work towards our goals. Always remember that when you are resting or relaxing, there is somebody who is working hard. For being the best you need to work like one. So pull up your socks and start working!
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@dragon68 (772)
21 May 17
Modern life is competitive. You're either in or out of the game.
@ms1864 (6974)
• Bangalore, India
18 Dec 16
Stay positive.
@marguicha (105888)
• Chile
17 Dec 16
Some of the best things we do happen when we are not working. It´s like magic. Yesterday, at the wake, A fellow writer asked me if I was still writing. I replied that not much because I was rethnking my life. This sentence I said almost without thiking has set my brain to work (if you want to call it that way). And yes, rethinking can be as important as chasing at a moment of one´s life.
@Ofirfir (30)
17 Dec 16
You are exactly right if we want something we need to work hard and dont give up! This is the secred of life