life as a 20 year old

December 19, 2016 10:28pm CST
it happened to me this way i was at my bedroom about to watch my favorite tv show as i was watching i thought to myself i am 21. And then i would begin to think about my parents who were at the table with champagne bottles and glasses and before you know it i'm seeing my dad pouring me a glass i stop and think for moment and thought to myself i am going to have dinner soon with mommy so i sat there and my dad grabbed the champagne bottle and busted it open he then takes some and pours some into my glass and i begin to drink it kind of reminding me of Rihanna and her song cheers echoing the lyrics that are so popular to today's world Everybody putcha glasses up and I drink to that (yeah yeah yeah) I drink to that. (yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah) the words and the melody sink in my mind and just when i think it cannot get any better my daddy turns to me and says ''shauntel,baby girl can i show you something''. i then turn around and notice the big Lamborghini my dad has waiting outside. so filled with emotion i turn and i look at him and say i love you i you so much,pouncing and jumping with excitement i then said in my heart i would do something for him one day that would make him very proud. i rejoiced but then suddenly i hear up a distance someone calling me shauntel shauntel awake awake.i then hear a dinging sound and upon opening up my eyes notice the alarm clock said 12:00 am. After i got up i went to my mother andv asked her where the champagne and Lamborghini was and she said to me she said to me that there was no such item i went outside thinking it would be there all to no avail it was gone and that was when i realized it was just a dream and i had slept through my favorite show the Sanford and sons an old classic i absolutely loved.
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@PainsOnSlate (20422)
• Canada
20 Dec 16
Strange dream, but an interesting one,. We have champagne once in a while, usually only for an New Years... that car is a dream.
20 Dec 16
its a story
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@Chellezhere (1395)
• United States
16 Feb 17
Dreams can certainly be something sometimes.