Emotional fizical and verbal abuse

December 20, 2016 12:21pm CST
Day after day I'm reading and hearing from right to left different cases with children are abused fizically emotionally and verbally by their parents or teacher or friends and none of them are aware that it's going to affect in their phishical,emotional dezvoltation. Are affected their capacity in studying,emotional and social intelligence,their self esteem,the capacity to handle the stress, fear,anxiety and exist a predisposition towards mental affections in their childhood and later in life! We all received this life to enjoy to be happy and to benefit of its good but sadly..more and more we hear cases where kids and women together are suffering for the abuse.. If I could have the power to change this I will do it in no time!!
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@jhechorain (1227)
• Susanville, California
21 Dec 16
I'm sorry you are surrounded with such knowledge all of the time. I know it happens a lot but sometimes there isn't much you can do about it. I hate to think that parents are so naive about what is going on and neglecting their responsibilities. Humanity is going down hill quickly when parents like these are responsible for children.
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21 Dec 16
very well said,Jani but unfortunately it does exist lots of cases and for sure this wont stop soon!
20 Dec 16
I pity the kids who are going through this
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