My delusion about working from home.

December 22, 2016 12:16am CST
So this will be my first entry on here, sucks that it's in the venting variety, but life tends to do stuff like that. I wonder if swearing is allowed on here? I should really read the FAQ. Okay, so in the spirit of getting to the point. I shall divulge the details on what I wish to discuss: namely working from home and the headaches that ensue. Being able to work from home has been a dream of mine for quite some time, I've yearned for this even more in the year past, seeing as I've become increasingly bothered with stress and anxiety. I also lost my job recently, the place shut down, so at least it wasn't my own doing. So after a few days of mourning the loss of a job I really enjoyed, I took to the internets in search of new employment. Pages upon pages were scoured to no avail, I couldn't find anything of interest, nor anything I could qualify for. So I began looking into freelance work and work-from-home solutions. A glimmer of hope, though profoundly naive, settled into my chest. After hours of research and applications, tests and quizzes, I came to the conclusion that if I do as many different work-from-home jobs I can manage, I could perhaps make a living off of this! There is but one problem... EVERYONE has had this idea before me. My dog does it. My cat did it, then stopped caring. The point is, there is a lot of competition out there, and a newcomer would have a hell of a time getting in with the tide. But you know, naive as I am, i'm gonna try anyway. Wish me luck, I'll keep you posted.
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• India
22 Dec 16
Glad you acknowledge your limitations and still try to make the most of your life. There is definitely a lot of competition in this industry just like any other, but all you need to standout here is have good communication skills and be able to endorse your articles to the right target population. You'll do well if you believe in yourself and keep the above pointer in mind.
@franxav (5940)
22 Dec 16
You are not the only one feeling deluded.
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@cahaya1983 (10015)
• Malaysia
22 Dec 16
Welcome aboard! Sorry to hear about your job, and totally agree with what you said about working from home. I'm doing it now but it took years (at least in my case) to actually settle down and make a living out of it. No short-cuts. But once you get there, all of that time spent hunting and scouring would be totally worth it. Good luck and do keep us posted!
• Agra, India
22 Dec 16
All the best dear...what are you trying the most?