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December 22, 2016 11:26am CST
"pleasantness?" Me calling me from across the room, "Go get something to drink in the meantime," he says "No CPR ... will you bro" - "I can not I wait for her to call." I spend my lungs air in despair and say: "Well then ... bring some beer?" Me smiling and said: "whatever you want, no matter my brother." I'm going down the stairs, each house is dark and sleepy, Lucky I know the house of me verbally, that I do not see anything here ... I went into the kitchen, turn on the light and opened the refrigerator I spend two bottles of Stella, and the door closes. This favorite beer with me, I know him, he's my best friend From an early age is over, to me is like a twin brother to me. His company awaits me call him right now from the United States ... Company of me is my best friend, her name is Marine. I met him that year and a half ago, and since they are in love Only I mention her name and his eyes twinkle like stars. Marine went to Los Angeles to visit her family two weeks ago Meanwhile me talk to her every day on Skype. Sometimes even twice. Another second is longing to freak out To understand this need to look at his eyes when he talks about it, It's a little funny to me sometimes and I are such good friends Compared otherwise I see all things ... "Joker" That's what he calls me, he always says that if I start talking magic dissipated in the air, He always says that girls look at me in a different way, he did not even know how to explain. I start walking towards the stairs, one hand I hold my beer, and with the other hand I am holding a plate of "flat" giant "What about me?" Suddenly I hear a voice from nowhere a colleague. Scare the plate flew out of my hand and broke her on the floor I'm still holding the beer but I'm pretty stunned colleagues. "Pak Noam, I did not mean to scare you," Amit hisses and laughs I froze in place. Meanwhile, a colleague took a broom, picking up the pieces and keep quiet. I bend over to help her and holding out my hand to her Suddenly, without noticing my hand touches her hand ... Associate look up and I look at her blue eyes sweeping me as a big and deep sea I look at the shape of the perfect face and her gentle smile and sweet. I wake myself quickly got to his feet Fellow throw the pieces in the trash and wash your hands. This fellow's little sister with me, there's a difference between them a year and a half almost Their relationship is very close, they began to approach slowly over the years. My colleagues and I have known each other since childhood, but the truth is I never went out to talk to us too, From a young age, she appears and the time is getting known more and more, Her Instagram page blown followers from around the world Amit is not just beautiful, it has something special that appeals to everyone. Amit is for me a little sister to me, I never looked at it in a different way I never talked to her too, that quiet fellow and quite a lot of talking, The truth is I have not seen her for ages, the last time was last Passover Amit has changed, it looks different, do not know ... suddenly it does not look the same to me. I stood beside her. "colleague?" I appeal to My heart is paralyzed into balling as soon as I look at the face, I'm hesitant to say but then not without any preparation, a colleague looked at me startled She takes a step back and suddenly loses balance. "Hey, fellow? Associate What happened?" I asked when I caught her in my hands "I'm dizzy ... I ... do not feel good," she says as she holds his arms A strong odor of alcohol it disperses in the air. I ask her: "How much did you drink?" She closes her eyes, I'm trying to wake her up and say: "Answer me fellow!" I lift her on my hands, up the stairs, coming to her room and opened the light I put it on her bed and she says to me: "Noam ... close the door ..." "You want me to read me or maybe your father?" - "Not pleasant, I beg, do not do it! They'll be angry at me!" To be continued...
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