my strange friend..

Jaipur, India
December 24, 2016 1:38am CST
i have a group of stupid but intelligent friends.they are very nice and sensitive but we all love to insult each other in friendly way and it is ok for all of us.but one of my friend is very weird.she everytime copy whatever i am doing nd is very irritating sometimes.i do nbot like this.and this habit of her make her the centre of jokes..she is loosing her importance in our group.i told her many times but she never asserts her is getting everyone started insulting her and i donot like this but she is only responsible for her condition.... i do not know what to do nd how to make her realise that she is doing wrong .i just want her to not be insulted seriously by anyone.but now i too can't tolerate her...what do i do??
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