What Will You Do?

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November 26, 2006 2:57am CST
What will you do if you find out that your live-in partner is having an affair with his ex girlfriend for 9 years already? That is, you already have two kids with him? and his ex girlfriend still sends him money and things? what will you do???
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• Singapore
26 Nov 06
Wow! this is bad! i will give him a tight slap, chase him out of the house..without any single clothing...then i will rip off all this clothes and burn it..then get on with life! i dont feel that he's man enough to take care of me anyhow. btw, do you know anyone like that?
• Philippines
28 Nov 06
Yeah, I know someone exactly like that! thanks for the response, I really need your opinions. Thanks! :)
• Philippines
13 Aug 11
First, I will confirm it, if it's true having an affair with my partner, after that if i confront my partner if he is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend. So, if that's true, the first thing i will do, what is our problem and why he needs to have an affair with his ex-girlfriend if i have found out that i have a problem with my partner. i will let him go... that is the hard decision i will make to my life. But i need to accept the fact