Great risk-free casino win.

United Kingdom
December 29, 2016 3:49pm CST
My biggest earner by far is Matched Betting and I mention it a lot on social media. I use a fantastic site and talk about it a lot on my site. They show me all the daily offers and talk me through how to approach them. Recently, I’ve become keener on the risk-free and low-risk Casino offers. I wrote in November about how I made £130 in ten minutes. These offers give a small chance of making money but I really enjoy them and usually hit a big win every month or so. Last night, I completed another offer. This one was risk-free and gave me 45 free spins on a Casino online slot. I walked away with just over £275! You can imagine how welcome that cash is just after Christmas! With these offers, it’s important to know how to give yourself the best chance of walking away with a profit, the forum members on Profit Accumulator are dab hands at this and you’ll find loads of invaluable information over there. I find that these days I get a lot of offers emailed to me direct from the Casino websites. I know now to do as many of these as I can as they have made me so much money over the last couple of years. I must stress that none of what I do involves gambling. I do not risk my own money. Gambling is a sure-fire way to lose a lot of money and I’m not prepared to do that. The Matched Betting way is all about GUARANTEED profit, no risk involved and it’s important not to slip down the slope towards pure gambling. My £275 should hit the bank either tomorrow or Monday. I’m not sure whether to stash it in next year’s Christmas fund as I’ll be starting to Save for Christmas 2017 next week, or whether to put it to use in some other way. It’s nice to have the choice!
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• Preston, England
30 Dec 16
risk free gambling sounds a contradiction in terms as if no one loses the casino is virtually giving money away free
• United Kingdom
30 Dec 16
It's not gambling, with these risk-free offers you are given free games by the casino which you then have to play through a number of times (in this case it was 5 free spins with any winnings requiring 35x wagering), I do not gamble and would never recommend doing so, it's such a risky business! Matched betting is all about guaranteeing a profit, not gambling. I have a section on my website explaining it in more detail.
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