Have you ever just sent a text for no reason?

Bellevue, Nebraska
December 30, 2016 12:41pm CST
Once in awhile I like to just send out texts saying I am thinking of you and love you. The first time I did that my daughter called me asking me what was wrong. I laughed and assured her all was good. Her Husband called her saying is something wrong with your mom she sent me a text saying she loves me. One niece called my daughter asking if something was wrong with me and another niece texted back saying I think you sent this to the wrong person. I realized then that I need to tell them those things more often lol So every once in a while I send out a text saying I am thinking of you and I love you just so they know. Do you ever do that? If not try it and watch the reactions and get a giggle out of it.
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30 Dec 16
It is nice to see that kind of respond I use to do that. just to see who will call back. It is very much fun to just talk.
30 Dec 16
It happens sometimes.
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2 Jan 17
I have never sent a random message like that before, but my mom, dad, and sister do it to me all the time. My dad had his emergency alert send out messages to his emergency contact which is my sister, my brother, my grandmother, my mom, and myself. We all got one except for my mother and we all frantically called and texted him to see what was wrong. There was nothing wrong and he doesn't know why it sent out a message at all and why it only sent it to the four of us and not my mother.