Death's Door (Part 2) A New World

@zebra2222 (5170)
United States
January 2, 2017 8:34am CST
Hal, the store clerk, stared at Death's Door. Foolish boy, thought Hal. Now he has gone straight into hell and there is no way out. Jason who had opened the door to see what was inside found that the door shut immediately in back of him. At first, Jason was blinded by a bright, yellow light. A few seconds later, Jason felt the room move and shift. "What's going on?" cried Jason. The room swirled all around. Within seconds, Jason was sucked up by a hole in the middle of the room. "Help!" screamed Jason. Down, down, down, Jason went. He was thrust into a new world. Shaken by the feeling, Jason looked all around and realized that he wasn't in Springsdale anymore. In fact, Jason was outside in the middle of a forest dwelling. "Is anyone here?" he shouted. Prickly bushes, flaming red flowers, huge trees that shot up high in the sky were the first things that Jason noticed. A bird that resembled a crow flew high above. The bird was black and green. It was twice the size of a regular crow. It's cawing was deafening. A swarm of insects appeared over Jason's head. They began to nibble on his neck. "Go away!" said Jason as he swatted at them. An animal that looked like a dog with a horn outside his head rushed at Jason. His teeth were very sharp, but the animal did not bite Jason. Instead, it licked Jason's hand. Immediately, Jason felt a surge of power like he had never felt before. "What's going on?" A girl with wings flew from the sky and approached Jason. She was not more than thirteen years old. Her skin was purple, but she was beautiful and enchanting. "Who are you?" she asked. "Why are you here? Did the old man send you here?" "Ah no. I was curious and...." "Foolish is more like it. I was also curious a year ago. I entered this land just like you by opening up the door. My body changed and I am now a Enui. My name is Wenny. You will transform in some way too. Time will tell. In a couple hours, it will be dark. You must come with me to Shazzan. You will be safe there. At night, the Ronus and the Collees. roam around the woods. They are voracious eaters and would think nothing of eating you for dinner." "How can I get to Shazzan? I do not have wings." "I shall call Baruu, the flying horse. We shall fly together to Shazzan. Let me also warn you that there is an Enchantress in the land. Her name is Emora. She has terrifying magical powers. We must stay away from her. More about that later. We must be off." Baruu arrived to take Jason to Shazzan. Barru was white with a golden mane. Off they went into the crystal, blue sky. What dangers awaits Jason? Will he encounter the Enchantress? What powers will Jason have and will that be enough to defeat unknown foes? Will Jason ever return to his home? More answers to come in Part 3.
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@redurnet (1588)
• United Kingdom
2 Jan 17
An enchanting piece of writing!
@zebra2222 (5170)
• United States
2 Jan 17
Thank you for the compliment.
@happyhaha (294)
• Fuzhou, China
4 Jan 17
More interesting.