January 3, 2017 8:34am CST
How the relationship broke is not an issue in this situation. With that said, would you reconcile with an Ex after a remarriage and a child? Consider the fact that you became an ex but now you are resuming the role of a wife where the Other Person would now stand in the relationship as an Ex. Is that too much complications, or would you give it a shot? No answer will be viewed as stupid.
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@Yadah04 (3003)
• Philippines
24 Jan 17
it seems complicated actually.. but then, if your partner is open about it, then i see no problem reconciling with an ex. besides, they all say that it is best to be peaceable with all men - so that includes our exes.
@Kandae11 (40370)
18 Jan 17
You would have to think why he or she became the ex in the first place and then decide if it is best that he or she stays an ex.