Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Ponce De Leon, Florida
January 4, 2017 4:37pm CST
(This was written earlier today before we came into town, and I am just now getting a chance to post it.) Well it is a little after ten am on Wednesday the fourth of January and I am jotting this down in my composition book so that I can post it later when we go into town to do laundry. Yesterday was a pretty busy day, I unpacked all but one of the kitchen boxes. I got that lst box unpacked today. After that I finished unpacking all the books for the bookshelves and realized that once we get our stuff from storage we are going to need more bookshelves. Then I washed all the dishes by hand, I can't wait till we get the dishwasher installed. After that I helped the other half put the felting on the outside of the house so that we can get it ready for the siding. Then we burned some of the wood from the stuff we tore down in the kitchen. We kept the fire going for nearly seven hours. Yesterday we had egg salad for lunch and then I made cheeseburgers and fully loaded mashed potatoes for dinner. Today we took it a little easier but I did some piddly stuff around the house and made a batch of thirty no bake cookies, so those will be nice and solidified by the time I get home tonight from doing laundry. I think we are doing biscuits and gravy for dinner tonight, and I can't wait.
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@cahaya1983 (10038)
• Malaysia
5 Jan 17
Sounds like a productive week for you. Biscuits and gravy sound delicious too!
@PatZAnthony (12970)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
4 Jan 17
Getting your dishwasher will be a good thing! We can really do without one, but a washing machine is a must for us.
@Happy2BeMe (74935)
• Canada
4 Jan 17
Sounds like you had a very productive couple of days.