Paid $23.00 For A Mouse Trap

@Hate2Iron (8029)
January 5, 2017 8:47pm CST
Okay, you can call me nuts, but I really wanted one of those traps that have a little trap door and will lure the little guy in and keep him there until morning. Darling daughter woke up one night to find him in her room... and that was the end of that. She moved up to the guest room and we bought the trap. It took him all of one day to smell the granola bar wrapper that we put into the trap. Hubby said he shredded the wrapper looking for the food. Feel guilty now. I think that I will put a little of the granola bar in there next time. He could probably have used a good meal. This afternoon, hubby took him up to the church on the corner and let him out. I'm hoping that God takes pity on him... it's a miserably cold day and directs him somewhere warm. :) And for those of you wondering... yes, it is re-usable so we will just keep it in the basement for the next little guy who wanders buy!
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@Plethos (11627)
• United States
6 Jan 17
its been a while since ive dealt with a mouse.
@JudyEv (137101)
• Bunbury, Australia
6 Jan 17
So that little mouse is now a church mouse is he? :)
@ms1864 (6975)
• Bangalore, India
6 Jan 17
it is nice to hear the trap doesn't kill them. Here rat solutions are all lethal.
@carebear29 (28833)
• Wausau, Wisconsin
6 Jan 17
I would never pay that much. That is crazy and it better be a good one
• United States
6 Jan 17
That's a nice idea =) And it's reusable! hopefully the rat doesn't come back home again though..
@Happy2BeMe (75395)
• Canada
6 Jan 17
Live traps are good choice. I prefer those.
• Peoria, Arizona
6 Jan 17
I wish I could do these but they will always come back to my home. At least we have a lot of stray cats around so it helps a lot instead of worrying about traps.
@marguicha (103973)
• Chile
6 Jan 17
You are much too good. I would have killed the mouse! It is clearly not Jerry!