A dish of your region

@websview (106)
January 14, 2017 1:43pm CST
All the fellow mylotters are from different regions of the world and they have different tastes in their tongue. I think all of us love some kind of delicacies or dishes which are from our region, so why don't we share it with each other. In this way we will be able to enjoy the dishes by simply sitting at home, not by eating but just by imagining it. So let me start first, I am from Indore, India and my favourite dish is poha ( a dish made from rice), and it has a special taste that only a true foodie will love. So tell me about your dish with a special quality of it.
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@Kandae11 (40368)
14 Jan 17
When I was a teenager in my homeland Guyana, South America, I loved a local dish called split peas cook-up rice. The rice and peas is cooked with coconut milk , with pieces of salt meat added. It is usually served with fried yellow plantain.
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@websview (106)
15 Jan 17
I think this is the dish and it is looking very tasty
Okay, thanks for your reply, I think this is the dish and it is looking very tasty.
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