Fast Food Menu Prices: Know Before You Go!

@freak369 (4950)
United States
January 14, 2017 3:55pm CST
If you eat fast food on a regular basis chances are you know the ballpark cost of a burger or pizza but what happens when you innocently ask someone if they want something and before you know it there are five people gathered around you asking if you can get them something. That aspect of it is annoying but having them ask you how much something costs is enough to work your last nerve. Most websites don't list prices unless they are a local eatery or there are only a couple of locations. When someone asked me if I wanted anything from Arby's I almost passed out. The menu repeats every two weeks so if there are a couple of days in a row that you don't like the food you are stuck ordering an alternate (burger, hot dogs, baked chicken, baked fish etc) or ordering out. The thought of sucking down a couple roast beef sandwiches with extra, extra sauce made my eyes roll back in my head. The only thing is I had no idea what the meals or single sandwiches cost. After about ten minutes of searching for a list of Arby's prices I hit the mother load. If only I would have started with “fast food prices” I could have sved myself some time and frustration. Fast Food Menu Prices ( allows you to pick a state and a restaurant chain to see the menu prices. There are regional places and national chains; here's a sampling of places that are listed. Jack In The Box, Burger King, Blimpie's, Five Guys, Wienerschnitzel, Panera, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, Panda Express and more. To see all of the fast food joints they have listed: The prices are mostly accurate, the biggest discrepancy was .25 cents at White Castle. Even though you might not end up with the total being dead on balls accurate, at least you will have a solid ballpark amount to work with. Image: Fast Food Menu Prices
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@teamfreak16 (41175)
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
14 Jan 17
Huh. That will come in handy. Thanks for the heads up.
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@freak369 (4950)
• United States
15 Jan 17
When I found it I was like ... duh - I was looking up individual places and could never find anything in regards to prices.
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@destry (2532)
• Kirkwall, Scotland
14 Jan 17
There are no fast food places on the land mass where I live. . . Everything has to be cooked / prepared at home, so I have no idea of prices. If I could get to a fast food place - I wouldn't each such dire food anyway.