The Creaking Door

@RasmaSandra (21125)
Daytona Beach, Florida
January 14, 2017 3:55pm CST
This happened some time ago but since today I was also faced with a creaking door then I remembered this incident. I have a sixth sense meaning I’m very sensitive to the world beyond. My whole family had experienced contact with spirits in one way or another. So by now if there are spirits about they don’t scare me rather they fascinate me. However one night I experienced something which really made me have the shivers. It was quite late at night. My hubby was already in bed and I was downstairs checking if everything was buttoned real tight. Now we have a very old fashioned house in Riga, Latvia. It was built sometime in the 1960s. Our toilet and bathroom are two separate rooms and the toilet has a door which you have to close and then snap lock so that it stays closed. Well if you live long enough in a house you start to do things automatically never even giving them a second thought. So after seeing that everything was fine downstairs I went to the toilet, closed up the door as usual and went to the head of the stairs and was about to head on up. At that moment I heard a creaking noise. Real slow and creaking. I stood there in the dark with just a pool of light coming from upstairs and looked in the direction of the toilet. Slowly the door was creaking open. Now if you don’t snap lock it the door pops right open. So I knew I had closed it right. It was not popping open but slowly, creaking open. I stood there my eyes wide, staring at the door and feeling my hair standing on end. I didn’t see anything or anyone but the door stood open as it has never done before. I don’t know how I got the courage but I rushed over to the toilet door and slammed it shut and snap locked it. Guess what? When I did that I went right through a freezing cold spot. Now someone was there I know it but I didn’t wait to find out who I turned and quickly walked to the stairs and ran on up. Have you ever had an unexplained or spooky thing happen to you?
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@JudyEv (141611)
• Bunbury, Australia
15 Jan 17
That would indeed be spooky. I don't think I'd have been shutting the toilet door. I'd have been out of there.
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