Watch your mouth!

January 16, 2017 8:40pm CST
Today in the company, two co-workers who do not get along with each other had an ugly discussion in the office. It wasn't really cool to watch. No one yet knows for certain the reason for the start of the discussion, but both used words that they defintely shouldn't, and talked about their roles in the company in a very bad way. The result? They are not fired because they are really great employees, but both have been suspended for a few days of work; With discounted salary at the end of the month.
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@franxav (5670)
17 Jan 17
It is better to watch what or how we say or behave in our work place.
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• New Delhi, India
17 Jan 17
This is bad especially for good employees.. There is a line to everything and it should not be crossed
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@Happy2BeMe (74936)
• Canada
17 Jan 17
People should act professional on the job. They are lucky they still have their jobs. Hoped they learned their lesson and think before they react next time.
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@Hannihar (42371)
15 Jan
I hope it gets worked out. I had words twice with someone. Where I sit in the winter when I went all the time to sell I would sit there in the cold and freeze even though I had my jacket on and the person I was angry with got all the heat. When I did ask for a heater there was not one available. I was quite angry and when someone put heat on so I could get it she turned it down because it was too hot for her. I told her what I thought . I tend to get sick in the winter very much and that could have done it for me too. I stopped going a lot and only go there certain times. She and I are back to talking again and nothing was said about it.
@Kandae11 (40368)
17 Jan 17
Hope they do better next time.
@Tampa_girl7 (26243)
• United States
17 Jan 17
What a shame they couldn't control their tempers.
• United Kingdom
17 Jan 17
Ouch, ah well, they really should have had more sense than to run their mouths!
@sans224 (1832)
17 Jan 17
I read somewhere. ' Speak when you are angry,and you will make the best speech you will ever regret'.
@allknowing (69581)
• India
17 Jan 17
Must have had a bad day in their respective homes. It happens
• Satna, India
17 Jan 17
yes we should control on this
@Linda1234 (4751)
• Houston, Texas
17 Jan 17
I think listen more less talk is the good way in the work place.
@stbrians (15893)
• Kakamega, Kenya
17 Jan 17
It is good to keep cool if what you say is about to cauuse an argument. Know the right time to stop. Walk away if possible. Make yourself to be the wrong one even if you are right for peace
@toniganzon (53346)
• Philippines
17 Jan 17
So unprofessional.