Some of My Ancestors Must Have Been Wizards and Witches

@franxav (5939)
January 16, 2017 9:51pm CST
Others may think I'm queer. People take it to be a bad omen if a cat crosses their path. Not I, I feel thrilled to see a cat cutting across or moving along. My heart sings to see them. I know all of them who walk about in our neighborhood at day or night. In fact, I look forward to meeting them sometime during the day or night. I may be an animal lover but probably there is something more to it.Some of my ancestors were probably wizards or witches! Do you have relatives who were or are wizards or witches?
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@Madshadi (9029)
• Brussels, Belgium
17 Jan 17
I wouldn't want to be around anyone who does black magic, relative or not
@toniganzon (53691)
• Philippines
17 Jan 17
Not that I know of, but I would be thrilled if I had relatives who were. Would be very interesting.
@yugocean (8850)
• India
17 Jan 17
Almost everyone, some of my ancestors made Tilisim (wizard buildings) but they used special gases, wires and stones etc and not Magic. Yet some tricked spells are also known as Indrajaal.
@theBlock (2757)
• United States
17 Jan 17
@franxav I had a great grandmother who "thought" she was a witch.