A Rough Road That Must be Traveled

@Teep11 (7195)
United States
January 17, 2017 10:30pm CST
No journey is easy and there will be a lot of setbacks. The good thing is we're all conquerors. Able to sustain even when there's a storms. If we're wanting to be apart of "success" then we'll need to make some changes. Find the best approaches. Not everyone will travel the same road but some of the experiences may be the same. Oh there will be pain, heartache a whole lot of misunderstandings. For some the road will be a bit easier but for others they'll have to go through many obstacles to get to certain levels. There will be times when it appears as if the dreams are at a standstill. In appearance only. thee should be no despair. No hope should be lost no matter how chaotic the travel becomes. In time there will be a destination which is made just for the one on the journey. No travel is the same. There will be different experiences and new ways of doing things. Don't feel bad when having to face drastic changes. eventually the one on the path will get there. "The place where we're suppose to shine brighter than we've shined before." Life can generate some experiences we're not always thrilled about but there's a reason why we go through certain paths. Never accept the communications which are from negative talk to hinder a vision or a dream. If the travel long accept the lessons, the experiences, and the training. It's the steeping stone to a life filled with so much joy. Every tear and every aching moment is temporary and we should continue to have thoughts of "achieving to our own greatness."
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@magallon (18105)
• Philippines
18 Jan 17
... great thoughts... Every person travels in different paths of life. These paths offer different opportunities.
• New Delhi, India
18 Jan 17
I loved your discussion