HIGHER position versus Responsibility

By divi
@divssri (981)
Bangalore, India
January 20, 2017 4:27am CST
With great powers with great responsibility how agree with you? do you think people get their higher position but not satisfy that position responsibility just get position for achieving status and money also missuse their power like make partiality and corruption activity at all. In my opinion if we get higher position we should proof ourself we think about it we this chance how lucky we are how we can use our power in good way and to help needy one. At present time people getting as higher position truer values getting down, they also engaged with ego,attitude and prody things.
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@avi256 (4367)
• Pune, India
20 Jan 17
Thats right, when power gets into wrong hands, it could be badly misused. Therefore I belive the person or the people who select who authorize the person to power should be very careful in doing so. But there are so many situations when person just cant handle the responsibility, even though how talented he/she may be,
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@divssri (981)
• Bangalore, India
21 Jan 17
Yes you gave very nice point we should very careful about to choose person and for that his/her only personality or knowledge can't be consider we should also focus on ethical value.
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