Fast food

@Marijn (281)
January 20, 2017 4:25pm CST
Fast food comes from animals that have sufferd for you. Did you ever think about that when you where eating at the mac donalds or KFC. Not many people relize that chicks only live for a few weeks. And in those weeks that chicken needs to eat as much as he can. They just eat till there dead its very sad that not many people relize this when there eating there chicken. And its the same for cows its so sad. I think we should give those animals a fair change to live and a happy live and then later slaughter them. Thats fair in my opinion
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• Eugene, Oregon
21 Jan 17
It is sad that animals suffer for our nourishment.
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@diosabella (4803)
21 Jan 17
Its a nice gesture towards them. But it cannot be done all the time. There are places that cannot survive with out eating meat. Places where food can't be grown just like that.
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• United States
20 Jan 17
Your opinion is fair and warm-hearted but those that thrive on animal protein, die miserably just consuming plant protein . . .
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21 Jan 17
You have a few good points here. I guess in an ideal world we could all have farms, and grow the chickens ourselves. Then that way we wouldn't have to go to Mc Donalds or KFC for our meat products. But for a lot of us we don't have that option which is quite unfortunate.