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November 26, 2006 5:54am CST
Has anyone here ever seen someone famous while at a mall,or on the street,or while grocery shopping at anytime during their life.
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@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
24 Feb 07
A couple of times we have seen people who are considered to be stars, apart from the local newsreader on television that is. LOL We were at a wedding a few years ago, daughter of some friends, and "Molly" Ian Meldrum was there with a group of friends of the grooms. "Molly" is very well known in the music industry here in Australia, so any Aussies reading this would know who I mean. He had a couple of television shows, the most popular of which was Countdown, which ran for many years here in Australia. They played current music and "Molly" interviewed many leaders in the music world. In fact any performer worth a pinch of salt (and some who weren't worth that) knew that if they wanted the best coverage here in Australia, that they had to be interviewed by "Molly", such was his renown. Anyway, at the wedding he was very friendly but a bit aloof and stuck with his friends mainly. The fact that he was there with a group of friends should have been a sign to all that something was amiss, and in fact it was. "Molly" has never attempted to hide his sexuality, and he was a friend of the Grooms. Wedding took place on the Saturday and Monday morning the Groom left the bride telling her he made a mistake. Yes, the Groom too was homosexual. I won't go into it anymore other than to say that he should have made up his mind before the marriage rather than 2 days later. The other one we have seen, was Steve and Terri Irwin when they were collecting Bindi from school. The grandchildren of friends of ours go to the same school as Bindi, and I was there with our friends picking up the grandchildren when we saw Steve, Terri and young Bob. They were just there talking to the other parents, and were quite at home doing so. In fact from the whole scene, even if we hadn't been told earlier, showed that Steve & Terri were just normal parents who took an interest in their children.
• United States
20 Mar 07
All I can say about 'Molly' and the groom is OMGosh, and I feel so very sorry for the bride, OMGosh how do you recover from something like that. I am blown away, I can't even begin to imagine how she felt. I worked with a lady that was involved in a crazy situation not by choice but it was a situation that her fiance started. When she found out all of what he was involved in, she was so overcome by the issue she ended the engagement then she quit her job and distanced herself from her friends. Sometimes life can be so unfair...SS
@sandie61 (2359)
• United States
28 Feb 07
yes, it`s a local person though. she is on tv on the philadelphia news. I was at the cherry hill mall and she was next to me in line at subway ordering lunch. I was floored. lol. I asked her if she was cathy gandolfo from the news and she said yes she is. it was quite exciting for me.
• United States
20 Mar 07
I am exactly the same way, I get so excited it takes a lot of self control to refrain from jumping up and down while giggling...I wish I knew why but I don't and that's how I feel every time I see a celebrity...thanks for the post...SS
@280386 (172)
• Indonesia
26 Nov 06
yeah, she was dating other celebs, however its a local celebs, so the odds is you never see her :D
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• United States
26 Nov 06
Once upon a long time ago,I was in Los Angeles at some hotel, whose name I cannot remember,vacationing for 2 weeks. At the time, Eddie Fisher[singer]was scheduled to perform,and he did,he was great,and his voice was powerful. Not only was I treated to an excellent show but all the 'big stars' showed up for that show. I seen Connie Stevens,Richard Chamberlain,Vince Edwards to name a few, I was completely blown away.
• United States
1 Jul 07
Growing up in Southern California it seems I was always bumping into someone famous! Once, I was going into a store in Newport Beach, California and coming out of the store was John Wayne! I didn't hesitate to ask him for his autograph, of which he was very happy to oblige. I will never forget that he was so gracious and could not believe he had fans as young as me...I was 16 years old at the time. He even introduced me to his wife who joined us in our conversation. What a couple...he stood 6'4" and she was a little bitty woman 5' tall! I worked at a club in Newport Beach, Woody's Wharf, where Billy Martin...nickname..."Billy Ball"...past manager of the New York Yankees, frequented when he was in town. He had a specific routine when he was there...he would stop first in the bar and have a bourbon on the rocks...leave a hundred dollar bill for the tip. Then he would take his place at his favorite table overlooking the harbor and John Wayne's yachat (which I have another story about) and order a chef's salad and a bottle of Dom Perignon champaign. He would eat only half the salad and drink only half the champaign and always left me a 50 dollar bill under the plate. Big bucks in 1979! My dad had/has a couple of famous friends...Andy Devine, who would visit our house from time to time and currently, John Barrymore is a neighbor of his who my dad checks in on when he goes to town. John is not well and doesn't get around much anymore. Of course both of my boys keep buggin' grandpa to set them up with Drew! lol! I went to school with Bobby Hatfield, of Righteous Brothers fame, whose dad was a local police officer I used to sing in a trio and our arranger was Johnny Wimber...also the arranger for the Righteous Brothers. We would run into Bobby and Bill from time to time. I was stopped at a red light in LA and Steve McQueen crossed the street right in front of me. I was at the Newport Pop Festival and John Kay of Steppenwolf partied and danced right next to me in the crowd until it was time for him to go on stage. When I lived in Jacksonville, Oregon...Kirstie Alley and I shopped at the same grocery store (only one in town) and would run into her from time to time. She owned a big ranch out there...She would sometimes ride her horse in and tie it up out front and off she'd go with her groceries! Tom Cherones director of Seinfield and others...lived 3 doors down from me in Old Town, Florence, Oregon until I moved north of town. Tom still lives in Old Town. And the too biggies of recent... I was in the local 7 Eleven a couple months ago...when lo and behold...are you ready for this...in walks...ta ta...Tom Cruise and Matt Damon! They hung out for a bit just talkin' to everyone and signing autographs...Then off they went up the coast on their Harleys! We have an award winning chainsaw carver in town, Timothy Robins of www.mysticwoods.net and Tom comes around every so often to purchase some of his carvings. Tim tells me that Tom owns 5 of his carvings. And finally...two weeks ago, my friend and I were having breakfast in a local coffee shop...Morgan's Country Kitchen and so was Anthony Hopkins! I'm just gonna throw in my story about John Wayne's yachat for fun... When he wasn't using it he would rent it out for special occasions. For my high school graduation party, 10 of us couples pooled together and rented it for 24 hours...included the crew, catering and a trip to Catalina Island and back. It cost us $80.00 per couple in 1965. One couple was not able to make the launch and was brought to the boat sometime later via helicopter! Needless to say...we had a blast! Thanks for this discussion...it brought back some good memories!
@KrauseHome (35522)
• United States
19 Jun 07
Well, I have personally met Rickey Henderson, and got his Autograph. I have also seen Alex Rodriguez walk by me, and also got a chance to meet and talk with James Duhan aka Scotty from Star Trek back when I worked at the airport. It is Great to have a chance to meet people in person like this. But I know for a lot of people, you have to be the right place at the right time.