Is GPS your friend?

January 24, 2017 10:24pm CST
My father's car gps got all deregulated today and he went crazy without knowing exactly the address of a meeting where he would have to go. This had only happened once, a while ago, but today was a bad day for that to have happened (I'll have to look at what happened to the car gps). Only was not worse because even arriving a little late, my father was able to attend the meeting without major problems. Have you ever been in a situation where GPS was not exactly your friend?
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@youless (93745)
• Guangzhou, China
25 Jan 17
I am very poor of the direction. Long time ago I already depended on GPS. I need it
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@Hannihar (42338)
31 May
@TheInvisibleMan I do not have GPS on my scooter nor do I want it. I would rather ask people directions than land in a place that is not safe because GPS screwed up.
@beenice2 (2406)
• Canada
3 Mar 17
I don't have a GPS. I do not think it is very helpful, you can't really count on it.
@_robin (311)
• India
25 Jan 17
I don't have a car and my bike doesn't have gps. So jokes apart, i often use gps if want to search any place like my friends college in other place...
@sunrisefan (20220)
• Philippines
25 Jan 17
I think GPS on a mobile is more accurate than the GPS of a car which need to be updated every now and then. Our new car has GPS but when I looked at the labels on its map, I found that some landmarks are even no longer in existence today.
@JudyEv (134903)
• Bunbury, Australia
25 Jan 17
Many times. I like to have a 'paper' map as well so I can keep on eye on it. :)
@FayeHazel (20156)
• United States
25 Jan 17
Ah yes. On time it wanted me to drive into the river