Restroom lines

Staten Island, New York
January 25, 2017 4:43pm CST
If you go to the restroom in public places you notice that there is usually a long line to go to the ladies room, which seems to take forever to move; yet the men's room has a very short line or no line at all and it moves very quickly. Why is that? Thoughts?
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• United States
25 Jan 17
Woman are much cleaner then men so we don't just run in and out..we wash up, fix our hair, put on lipstick, etc. There are only two-three stalls and the line backs up.
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@Tampa_girl7 (27856)
• United States
20 Feb 17
I guess they are quicker at going to the bathroom
@paigea (23101)
• Canada
16 Feb 17
A lot of gas stations now have single washrooms and anyone can use which ever one is empty. That solves part of the problem.
@cahaya1983 (10015)
• Malaysia
26 Jan 17
True. Universal problem, apparently. I've always wondered why.
@Kandae11 (40280)
25 Jan 17
I saw a lady leaving the male restroom on one occasion when there was a very long line at the ladies room.
@franxav (5940)
25 Jan 17
Reminds me of the woman caretaker in Sealdah Station (Calcutta) restroom, she constantly tells the women to hurry up.
@PatZAnthony (13316)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
25 Jan 17
Could it be that women drink more water than men, so have to use the bathroom more often? Take longer to wash their hands b/c they also check their hair, etc. in front of the mirror?