Amartya Sen attacks PM Modi again, says demonetisation is 'unguided missile', fired 'unilaterally'

@ravisivan (14055)
January 28, 2017 9:12am CST
Nobel laureate Amartya Sen today termed note ban as an unguided "missile" fired "unilaterally" by the government without adhering to the democratic conventions. "Every now and then we get missiles fired by the government unilaterally. Demonetisation one fine morning is of course just such a missile where there are reports coming in of hardships and suffering though it is not quite clear where the missile has landed," Sen said. Demonetisation caused a lot of suffering for majority citizens. ATMs are remaining without cash now also . Situation has improved to some extent and I hope it will be redressed soon such that people can draw the cash they want from Bank or ATM in cash
The Bharat Ratna awardee said decisions get taken in China based on the vision of a small group of people, while in a democracy like ours, things move only when there is a public demand for it.
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@franxav (5433)
28 Jan 17
I'd not call it an attack on Modi but a light that shows us the truth. Modi, his devotees and the media that adores him want us to believe that demonitization was the "surgical strike" on black money, when it was just what Amartya Sen says.
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@ravisivan (14055)
• India
28 Jan 17
yes opinions differ. But it is true majority citizens had to suffer and they bore it as a sacrifice. good day