Health and human services plus the disabled

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January 29, 2017 3:48pm CST
There was the old health and human services of the years in the eighties also nineties.besides those being tyrants in positions of counselers ,physch doctors,therapists too.the system was at risk to those entrapped as patients ,clients ,to some the directers of programs.just added those disabled or handicapped just to be a part of status as treated as different persons to have money assigned towards them for each appointments ,each program,every employee working with these clients.they these employees previous would not repirt abuses ,civil rights complaints or even violations .these would be seen or heard from employees or other persons.with some clients as innocent while different indivuals there being complient as to guidelines policys.there were clients that would spend lots of money on scratch tickets or coffee,even obies foods snacks the cigarettes.toward the years of mid to late nineties there were ooliticians who had new an different guidelines to put respect to clients as renamed reffered to as consumers.with more civil rights or indivual policyies so each of disabled person or people gained more human rights .there was what was reffered to as real people and real over hual.there were news stories there were real interviews that focus was with the past abuses the people in the shadows the clients some falling in the cracks before the overhual of health and human services there were suisides almost every few hours to almost every few common as everyday sinus colds there were happening as those commonalities. Both occuring on the news.raiseing politicians to be accountable saveing peoples policys new clients some crying also being grateful they had renewed respect showing. Peoples lifes matter whether disabled and handicapped.lives once again mattered.whether black or white and mixed race too.foriegn or american both.brought attention to the disabled even countrys outside the united states became takeing notice of the disabled .people getting results that saved alot of peoples lifes.previous and in the currently present days.some of society has changed.
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@Morleyhunt (20692)
• Canada
29 Jan 17
Try again. Proper grammar and punctuation might help me to read this and have a better idea of what you are trying to tell us.
@sharon6345 (137801)
• United States
29 Jan 17
A few paragraphs of break would make this easier to read. Thanks