Ten Favorite Light Songs: There's a Light Guiding Me (#8)

@FourWalls (15727)
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January 30, 2017 10:14pm CST
After the "darkness" of seeing what I'm going to pay Uncle Sam this year it's time to shed a little "light" on a happier subject, like music. (Hmm....wonder if I can claim Dale Watson as a dependent this year? ) Borrowing this idea from @teamfreak16 (check out the great Rolling Stones song he posted today), here's my next song on the list of my favorites with the word light in the title. #8: There's a Light Guiding Me - Browns Ferry Four Even atheists know the song "Amazing Grace." It was written by a British Anglican minister by the name of John Newton in the 18th century. He wrote this, too. It's been recorded a number of times in the country and bluegrass gospel world, including by the Oak Ridge Boys and a stirring rendition by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. But, of course, I'm going with the version by the Browns Ferry Four, the first "supergroup" in country music history. Comprised of five future Country Music Hall of Famers (yes, they could count) -- the Delmore Brothers, Grandpa Jones, and either Red Foley or Merle Travis (depending on who was in town when the recording sessions took place) -- the Browns Ferry Four was a "side project" for the artists at King Records. Syd Nathan, the owner of King Records, wanted his business to be profitable, and he was a little leery of what we might call "niche audience" music (such as Homer & Jethro's early comedy recordings, which in truth sold quite well) or gospel songs. When the sales took off, however, the Browns Ferry Four ended up recording nearly four dozen gospel songs for the label (and there was another "imitation" group, the King Sacred Singers, on the label). I asked Grandpa Jones about them one night at the Grand Ole Opry. After recovering from the shock that someone as young as I am likes the Delmore Brothers, he said that the "Hee Haw Quartet" of Buck Owens, Roy Clark, Jones, and Kenny Price was an attempt to re-create the sound of the Browns Ferry Four. Not even close, but the intentions were good. There's a Light Guiding Me Written by John Newton Recorded by the Browns Ferry Four Released as a single, 1948 It's guiding me through temptation and evil:
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@teamfreak16 (42035)
• Denver, Colorado
31 Jan 17
I was going to comment "You met Grandpa Jones?" but it looks like John beat me to it. How cool!
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@JohnRoberts (64884)
• Los Angeles, California
31 Jan 17
You met Grandpa Jones? I am impressed. You have a knack for digging up thew old timers. I will say it again: you are a historian.
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