I Am So Tired!

United States
January 31, 2017 3:13pm CST
I have been helping a friend move and she is almost impossible to deal with lately! O.M.G.! I wanted to tell her she is doing it all wrong! But she is the type of person she thinks she is always right! It is better for me to say nothing! She wants to pack a few boxes take it to the other apartment unload the box put the things up where they go back and forth! She has to be all the way out Friday! It is easier for her just to take the boxes and unpack them and go back for more then put it all up when you get there! BUt it is impossible to tell her anything! I had today and Monday off but I am helping her the next few days again starting tomorrow! I am dreading this! She got a friend a man to help her and he went off on her Sunday and we had to take him home we lost time and the use of a uhaul for another trip! He lives by me which is 45 minutes! Then we went back to return the uhaul! He has that PTSD from the war and I did not know how to handle him? He was really nice and sweet but he blew up at her when I asked him if he would help do another load! O.M.G. All the yelling and fighting I am so not looking forward to this next few days! He called her and apologized and e is going to help us again tomorrow. I don't know how to be around someone like that he does not take medication either. I guess I will just not say anything but hello and goodbye. So may more things happened Sunday I was supposed to be at home at 4 did not get home until almost 8 p.m.! I am doing it because she is my friend and she said she would pay me. Ihope I can tolerate the next few days!!
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@Morleyhunt (21017)
• Canada
31 Jan 17
Moving is always stressful. I've moved often. I've moved all in a day...horrible, exhausting...but done. I've also dragged it out over several days to several weeks. The last load is always the worst.
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@sharon6345 (138800)
• United States
31 Jan 17
I am sure she will be moved in sooner or later. due to not having at least one paragraph I could not read your entire post. I got lost along the way. Enjoy your day.
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