Good habits +my internet routine

February 3, 2017 4:44pm CST
It's really important to me to be disciplined and industrious about my habits. I make it a point to work on certain things every day (or as close to daily as my imperfect self can muster), because they contribute to my own personal enrichment - spiritual or financial. I think it's important to do some things on a regular basis, especially building skills which benefit from consistent everyday practice. Some items which belong in this category for me include writing, practicing art (drawing or painting), juggling (great example of a skill which only improves through the act of doing it), and playing around with card tricks. I also have online activities which I try to engage in on a steady basis. I try to make new posts on MyLot as often as possible to build an audience here, of course. Other paid sites I frequent include Adiphy and Microworkers. I'm still new at using these so they haven't paid off monetarily much yet per se, but I look forward to growing a relatively large amount of money on those accounts before cashing them out so I'll have a big windfall when I finally do. I also like to run through some Duolingo language exercises, I'm very interested in linguistics as a general topic and have been gradually learning Spanish, French, German, Norwegian and Italian. The website tracks your progress and the amount of work you put into it, which is useful. Eagerly awaited courses in Arabic, Japanese and Klingon to come online eventually. I also listen to a lot of podcasts and I also use an audiobook service known as Hoopla. The local library here provides patrons with Hoopla subscriptions which is really nice of them since it would probably be expensive otherwise. So I have a few books on there which I'm listening to, ideally a few hours a day, with the goal of finishing them before the borrowing deadline (you're only allowed to borrow a finite number each month). Finally, I've recently started using Habitica again to keep track of it all (formally HabitRPG; the developers have made some nice design improvements to the site since I was using it a few years back). This is a free online habit tracking service which employs a "leveling up" system inspired by role playing games to keep a record of your activities. I find the gamification-based format to be a helpful incentive system. You make a list of tasks for yourself and then it logs how often you mark them as being done. So that's a site I recommend actually if you're interested in tools to help you step up your workflow game? What are your habits like? Do you have activities which are important to you to do routinely?
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@prinzcy (5057)
• Malaysia
3 Feb 17
I am trying to write a novel. I already publish the first and trying to complete a second one. But I also have a steady job and family to look after. So I make sure to write at least a couple of page a day when ever I could. It is progressing slowly but at least it's going somewhere. Hopefully I can get it done before March.
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@shaggin (38611)
• United States
3 Feb 17
I was just talking yesterday about Linguistics to a girl I used to know years ago. She is studying it in college. It is great you are so dedicated to your interests. You will need to spend quite a bit of time here posting and commenting to gain an audience and it takes a long while for the income to add up but this site is fun and addicting for me so I hope you enjoy your time here. When I have free time I like to read and be here at mylot.
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