Success in life means Money

By Tina
United States
February 5, 2017 2:12pm CST
I agree and disagree with this statement. I strongly agree that money does play an important role in our lives but it shouldn't be the only thing a person should care about. But if you focus and concentrate on an idea. That idea can change your life. And you become successful. Then eventually money will follow. Idk that's just my thoughts.
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@jhechorain (1228)
• Susanville, California
5 Feb 17
I agree with you mostly. Success comes in so many forms. Money is just one basis that it can be shown that you are "successful". Money doesn't always mean that you are either. Success can be a personal thing that other people won't see as a success too. It is hard to define, I think. Though money usually will follow when you are successful. Whoo, my head is spinning with all of that information now.
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5 Feb 17
I think they are interconnected factors.
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@lokisdad (4264)
• United States
7 Feb 17
Yes we need money and with inflation rising it doesn't make that need for money less but in fact more stressful and difficult. You are right if you focus on the idea and work on achieving it the money will follow its just difficult we are always in a rush or in need it seems these days.
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