A tryst with judicial proceedings

@shivamani10 (11188)
Hyderabad, India
February 6, 2017 5:18pm CST
Set Sasikala v.K is likely to swear in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu State in India. But, the judgment of the Supreme court in the Disproportionate Assets against her filed along with that against late Smt Jayalalitha in 1996 is likely to be announced soon. It will cast clouds on her continuance as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. There were many petitions filed in the Supreme Court challenging the acquittal of Smt Jayalalitha in the last year. But, the judgment was reserved Smt. V.K. Sasikala was a close aide of Smt. Jayalalitha and was alleged to be involved in the Disproportionate Assets close along with 7 others. Had the judgment been delivered last year the things for the continuance or otherwise of Smt. Jayalalitha as Chief Minister would have been settled a year back but for reserving the judgment. The Supreme Court has now found this as an appropriate time to deliver the case when she was about the swear as the Chief Minister. In India, this has become quite common to take up such cases at an appropriate time when things likely to take up a final shape. It took nearly more than 20 years to deliver a final judgment in the above case adjourning the case many times on several grounds transferring it from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka and vice versa. There are many such cases of financial embezzlement pending in the Supreme Court of India and have not seen the light of the day for their final disposal. The case of Teesta set el Wada in the Saradha Chit Fund case is another example in which the Supreme Court rushed to her request and granted stay within 24 hours against her arrest. As per law conviction in a case where the jail sentence is for more than 2 years makes a person disqualifies a person from holding an elected office for six years. The former Chief Minister of Bihar Sri Lalu Prasad Yadav was disqualified from holding the post for years due to his conviction in Fodder Scam But, still, this politician is shamelessly moving on the roads of India and appearing on the political stage and making efforts to make his presence felt by the people. Do you have such people and such system in your country?
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@atoz1to10 (6821)
• Australia
12 Feb 17
I don't know much about politics... But I know for sure I don't really like any of them. They all promise you this and that during election time and once they have the power, they forget everything.