The soup is boiling and the odour is making me hungry.

@marguicha (108939)
February 7, 2017 11:18am CST
It is clear that I´m getting better: I´m hungry. The pot is boiling with all the delicious ingredients (except for the potatoes that have to boil less). I just saw what time it was and I understand my hunger. It is 2 PM. I have been mylotting most of the morning. When the soup is ready I´ll have my lunch and take a well deserved nap. What are you doing today?
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@JudyEv (147640)
• Bunbury, Australia
8 Feb 17
A bowl of soup is always good. I like most soups.
• Lenox, Georgia
7 Feb 17
I got some chores done today, the kids did their school work and I also Mylotted. =)
@pureme (1477)
7 Feb 17
That's the way I'm feeling right now, Damn hungry, and the aroma would not allow me to rest.
@Corbin5 (127022)
• United States
7 Feb 17
I bet the soup does smell really good!!! It is a rainy day here so will do chores inside today.