Other websites that I like.

February 12, 2017 6:28pm CST
Well, I'm pretty active on The Website That Is Not To Be Named (something to do with a book full of faces), for what that's worth. I don't really like how that company runs things, but I have a lot of good friends I'm connected to there, so it's keeps me coming back. As a language aficionado, Duolingo is the best site I've found for learning new languages. I like their format a lot because you start with grammatical sentences in the very first lesson even if you only know 3 or 4 words to begin with. That way by the time you're up to a few hundred words, you already have an intuitive grasp of how the grammar is structured because you've been translating complete sentences the entire time. Also, the mobile app is good. Habitica used to be called HabitRPG and I've been using it off and on for a few years, pretty much back to the time when it early in development. It's changed and improved quite a bit since then. In essence, it's a tool for tracking your habits, using elements inspired by role playing games. You have a character avatar that you level up over time using points/game currency which you earn by doing activities on a regular basis. I find this to be very helpful maintaining consistent productivity. Minds.com is a newer social network which is attempting to position itself as a funky alternative to The Website That Is Not To Be Named. They have a more permissive policy on free speech, and clever points-earning system that rewards participation. Minds points can be used to boost post views or monetized. It's pretty fun, definitely a more whimisical personality than what I'm used to from other social networks, with a lot more art and psychedelic graphic-type posts. Twitter? I stopped using Twitter. Guh, it's so annoying. Impossible to have a nuanced conversation with the character limit. A bunch of people who hate each other having juvenile arguments mostly. Don't use Twitter. StumpleUpon - just thought of that one, haven't used it in awhile but I might start again, it's a service that shows you random websites based on your interest, a good way to discover neat online gems that you never would have known about otherwise. Google Scholar - It's so great to have a search engine for academic literature. Too bad many of the papers are behind a paywall and you can only read the abstract - I agree with Aaron Swartz, scholarly research should ideally be considered part of the public commons. Well, maybe I'll have more access to subscription services once I start taking college courses soon. Ok, that's the main stuff that I frequent regularly. Do you have any favorite websites to recommend?
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@rina110383 (24070)
13 Feb 17
I like Duolingo. I use it to practice my Spanish.
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