Popcorn Mars Lander ... Food for thought

Dallas, Texas
February 14, 2017 9:55pm CST
Supersonic parachutes or inflatable lander concepts made me really impressed, but then I thought about what happens when a lander enters Mars' atmosphere and thought about POPCORN! When popping corn gets hot it pops and expands into large morsels of edible pop corn that not only tastes great but could be the measure of success for a great Mars landing. If a synthetic type of pop corn could be created that was able to pop when heated, as the bottom of a capsule would get while entering the atmosphere of Mars, for example, what if such a substance as a heat triggered pop corn type of substance that could in effect slow down the decent of a space craft entering the atmosphere of Mars. Well, it needs more work but I thought I would share my idea with myLot. Call it crazy or call it strange, the idea was one I thought of that popped into my thoughts while watching a NASA space video. Not rocket science, but still I think it is an interesting thought all the same. Give me some feed back on this and let me know what you think about it. Well, its food for thought. On another note, haven't you ever wondered what the physics were behind pop corn? Yea, this idea is pretty corny.
Scientists have doubled the payload of today's popcorn—at the expense of taste
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@jstory07 (67239)
• Roseburg, Oregon
15 Feb 17
It might be a corny idea but it might actually work you never know.